Monday, May 1, 2017

3rd Annual College-Glen Neighborhood Yard Sale Days - May 5th - 7th

The 3rd Annual CG Neighborhood Yard Sales will be happening on Friday, May 5th, Saturday, May 6th and Sunday May 7th. 

Brigham - Sat/Sun
Chestnut Hill - Sat
Chiplay - Sat
Citadel - Sat
Everglade - Sat
Fallbrook - Fri/Sat 
Garden Glen - Sat
Glenville - Sat
Grand Rio - Sat
Great Falls - Sat
Grinnell - Fri/Sat/Sun
Julliard - Fri/Sat/Sun 
La Riviera - Fri/Sat 
Lido - Fri/Sat 
Marina Greens - Fri/Sat
Marquette - Sat
Martel - Sat
Mediterranean - Sat
Moravian - Fri/Sat/Sun 
Notre Dame - Sat
Occidental - Fri/Sat 
Rio de Oro - Fri/Sat/Sun 
Wissemann - Sat

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